Smart money to scale your business.
Simpals private investment fund.
We invest in existing businesses at different stages.
About the fund
We bring cool ideas to life.
We invest in existing projects, which we later develop. Our foundation expands the possibilities for talented entrepreneurs to turn ambition into success.
We are well aware of what being an entrepreneur means, because we ourselves are entrepreneurs. We have launched and developed robust online projects, which have allowed us to contribute to investments and the launch of new ideas and businesses.
We invest in businesses in different areas and at different stages from € 20.000 to € 200.000
Our credo is to provide complete freedom of action to the business creators, so we do not interfere with operational management, and all tactical decisions are made by the project creators.
Getting to know each other
Fill out an application on the website, describe your business and team. Then get an invitation for an interview.
Together we analyze your business, we identify its strengths and weaknesses. We determine the size of the market and the growth prospects.
We invest in your business and together with our team of experts we help you grow quickly.
We become partners.
We participate in the development of a strategy for further growth.
How to get investment?
Get investment
We invest from €20.000 to €200.000 in existing businesses at different stages.
Become a co-founder
Come up with your own idea or work on our ideas and get a stake in a new business.
Our projects
Our Team
Serial entrepreneur. Founder of Simpals, filmmaker, sportsman, designer, inventor.
Product Manager at Simpals. More than 10 years of experience in e-commerce, B2B and B2G products.
CEO & Co-Founder
CEO of Simpals. Strategist, product-developer and the master of high-load solutions.
Product Expert
Visionary-marketer. He is the best in communication building, advertising and branding.
Marketing Expert
Business coach, game-technician, methodologist. Business experience for over 20 years.
Dorian Doronceanu
Chief lawyer of Simpals. Master in cases of intellectual property and legal science.
Law Expert
Maxim Banaga
CFO of Simpals. He has more than 13 years of experience in the field of finance — PwC and Südzucker.
Finance Expert
For over 10 years, he makes business profitable with digital marketing.
Digital Expert
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Can I get an investment in an existing business?
Yes, our investment fund is aimed at supporting an already working business.
If I only have an idea?
If you only have an idea, then you need to apply to our startup studio. There you can test your idea.
How can I trust you?
Simpals has been on the Moldovan market for over 20 years and has established itself as a reliable partner. It is also important that we invest in the team, which means we always have a minority stake.
What is the size of the investment?
The size of the investment depends on your business. As a standard, we invest from 25,000 euros to 200,000 euros
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